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jang geun suk profile

Name in English: Jang Keun Suk/Jang Geun Seok

Name in Korean: 장근석

Name in Hanja: 張根硕

Date of Birth: August 4th, 1987

Height/Weight: 180.4cm / 62kg

Blood Type: A

Family: Father, Mother (he's an only child)

Education: Seoul DongEui Elementary, KwangJang middle school, New Zealand Nelson College, Bangsan High School, currently is still studying at Hanyang University Drama (Theater and Film major)

Hobbies: listening to music, cooking, target shooting

Interests: driving vehicles (except motorcycles), skiing and boarding/interior designing

Current interests: take video of his travels and edit to make short films to share among his friends. His interests ranged from still pictures to moving films.

Company: Tree J Company
58-13 Cheongdam-Dong , Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 135-952

Debut: Kindergarten catalog model at the age of 5

First Debut Drama: '97 HBS's Happiness for Sale
1997 HBS Family Sitcom [Happiness for Sale] - Sudong
1998 SBS Morning Drama [A Hug] - Wonju
1999 KBS Morning Drama [An Encounter] - Jiwon
1999 KBS Drama City [Mr. Nooroongji and Seven Potatoes] - Yoonsung
2001 SBS Mon/Tue Drama Series [The Reign of Women 여인천하] - young Jungryum
2001 MBC Wed/Thur Drama Series [The Story of 4 Sisters 네 자매 이야기] - young Younghoon
2001 KBS Daily Drama [Cummi, The Fairy] - Oh Myungsuk
2002 SBS Anniversary Special [The Great Ambition 대망] - young Siyoung
2002 EBS Special Drama [Ten Lucks in My Life] - Jihoon
2002 SBS Youth Sitcom [Orange] - Jang Keun Suk
2003 KBS Drama City [The Owl Museum] - Jungwoo
2004 MBC Youth Sitcom [Nonstop 4] - Jang Keun Suk
2005 SBS Weekend Drama Series [Lovers In Prague 프라하의 연인] - Yoon Kun Hee
2006 Tooniverse - [Alien Sam 에일리언 샘] - Bong Sam
2006 KBS Wed/Thur Drama Series [Hwang Jini 황진이] - Kim Eun Ho
2008 KBS Wed/Thur Drama Series [Hong Gil Dong 홍길동] - Lee Chang Hwi
2008 MBC Wed/Thur Drama Series [Beethoven Virus] - Kang Gun Woo
2009 SBS Wed/Thur Drama Series [You're Beautiful 미남이시네요] - Hwang Tae Kyung


2003.01.01 Cartoon - [Treasure Planet 보물성](voice) - Jim Hawkins
2007.09.12 [The Happy Life 즐거운 인생] - Park Hyun Joon
2008.01.01 [Going Crazy Waiting 기다리다 미쳐] - Park Won Jae
2008.08.13 [Baby and Me] - Han Joon Su
2008.12.24 [Niko and The Way to The Stars] (voice) - Niko
2009.09.10 [Itaewon Murder Case] - Pearson


1994 Grand Prize Winner at the National Flower Children Beauty Pageant
2002 Award of Appreciation for the Voice Acting/Dubbing for Disney Character in Treasure Planet
2004 Award of Appreciation at the Youth Festival
2005 Special Award of Recognition in SBS Radio DJs for Jang Keun Suk's Youngstreet
2006 KBS Performance Awards: Best Couple Prize with Ha Ji Won for Hwang Jini
2007 10th Annual Director's CUT Awards: Best New Rising Actor for Happy Life
2008 44th BaekSang Art Awards: Film Section - Best New Actor for Happy Life
2008 2nd Annual MNet 20's Choice: Male Movie Star
2008 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor for Beethoven Virus
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Prize for Hong Gil Dong
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards & Netizen Popularity Award for You're Beautiful
2010 46th BaekSang Art Awards: Film Section - Popularity Prize for Itaewon Murder Case


1996 Kellog Cornflakes
1997 Daewoo, DongA Group, J Cosi, Coca Cola, Maeil Dairy
1999 Neversports Catalog
2000 Ottogi, Interaction, Ssang Bang Wool, Daekyo, Hyundai Construction, Samlip Food Corp, Yoon's English Class
2001-2005 SK Telecom Ting's Exclusive Main Model (with BoA)
2005 Skool looks (스쿨룩스), Lotte Chic Choc
2007 Etude House Vitcara
etude vitcara cf - making film 070806 YTN Star - Go ahra, Jang geunseok New Etude CF Etude wallpapers
2008 EXR, BlackNJean, Etude House, BSX, Maeil Dairy Cafe Latte, Haitai Beauty Style
BSX Making commercial BSX Pics Etude Sherbet - Tecktonik dance Etude House - VIP Girl
2009 The Suit House, Samsung YEPP, SK Telecom TTL, DongSuh Maxim Coffee


2001-2002 SBS Live [Popular Songs] VJ
2002-2003 KMTV VJ
2002-2004 Star Ting Concert MC
2004-2005 SBS Power FM 107.7 [Jang Keun Suk's Youngstreet] DJ
2004-2005 YTN Star [Jang Keun Suk's FunFan] MC
2005 SK Telecom [Melon Concert] MC
2005 DMB TV Live [What's Up] MC
2005 DMB TV Live [6 o'clock & Channel Blue] MC
2005 DMB TV Live [Dating on Thursdays] MC
2005 MBC Saturday [Romance Comic] MC
2005 Korea-Japan joint [Tsunami Relief Charity Concert] MC
2005-2006 SBS [TV Box Office] Jang Keun Suk's New Movie MC
2006 YDS Star [Jang Geun Suk's tu4u] DJ
2006 Miss 'Taeguk Warriors' Contest MC
2006 Tooniverse Day [4 Great King Shows] MC
2006 Korea Drama Festival The Star
2007 M.Net [X-Boyfriend] MC
2007 SBS Inkigayo MC host, SBS Inkigayo
2008 MBC ESPN [Go To Extreme 2] MC
2008 M.Net [20's Choice] MC
2008 Seo Taiji Symphony Opening MC
2009 Melon Music Award MC
2009 SBS Drama Awards MC, A.N.Jell performance at SBS Drama Award


[2005] MBC Children’s Musical [Hercules] Hercules
[2004] Musical [Theseus] Theseus


-Take care, My Bus! / Jang Keun Suk
-My Precious / Jang Keun Suk
[2010] Charity Album, “Dream, Give them wings”
[2009/12/02] Drama You’re Beautiful OST (Special Edition)
- What should I Do? / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009/11/13] Drama You’re Beautiful OST Part. 2 (Regular)
- Without Words / Jang, Keun Suk
- Good Bye / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009/10/14] Drama You’re Beautiful OST (Regular)
- Still / A.N. Jell
- Promise / A.N. Jell
[2009/09/10] Just Drag (Single)
Just Drag / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009/02/04] Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love (Single)
Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008/11/06] Drama Beethoven Virus OST (Single)
- Can You Hear Me Part 2 / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008/01/28] Black Engine (Single)
Black Engine / Jang Keun Suk
[2007/09/20] The Happy Life OST (Regular)
- The Happy Life (Radio Edit. Ver.) / Hwal Hwa San
- It’ll Explode (Ver. 3) / Hwal Hwa San
- It’ll Explode 2007 (Ver. 2) / Hwal Hwa San
- Fireworks / Hwal Hwa San
- The Happy Life (For Film) / Hwal Hwa San
[2007/08/16] The Happy Life OST (Single)
- The Happy Life (Main Theme) / Hwal Hwa San (Active Volcano)
- It’ll Explode / Hwal Hwa San
[2004/05/24] Sitcom Non Stop 4 (Regular Edition)
- Sky High / Non Stop Band
- Non Band Song / Non Stop Band
- Happy Happy Birthday / Non Stop Band
- Let’s Get Down / Jang, Keun Suk
- We’re Here / Non Stop Band

VJ for SBS, "Live直播人氣歌謠" 2001-2002
Jang Geun Suk's Young Street, 2004-2005 SBS
Jang Geun Suk's TU2U, 2005 DMB Radio

Mini Biography:
Keunsuk made his debut as a 10 year old actor in TV sitcom, "We sell happiness".
He also appeared in TV sitcom "Nonstop 4" in 2003, soap opera "Lovers in Prague" in 2005.
With significant success of starring role as "Eunho" in the soap opera, "Hwang Ji Yi" in 2006, Keunsuk has proved himself capable of handling versatile characters.
He has not only hosted a show but also appeared in musical(Theseus, 2004, and Hercules, 2005)

NOMINATION male performance di daejong (grand bell award 2008) on last june (Happy Life) new actor in best new actor di 17th Buil Film Awards Nominations (Happy Life)
3 .28th Blue Dragon Awards tahun 2007 (Happy Life)
4. 6th Korea Film Awards (1 December 2007), (Happy Life)
7. korean best dresser 2008

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